What do the boxes on the Dashboard represent?

The four boxes on the Dashboard represent important information about the leads in your system. Any lead that is trashed or has a status of Do Not Contact or Inactive do not appear in these boxes. 

Leads with no tasks assigned to you. It is important to have a task assigned to every lead in the system so they do not become a missed opportunity. Even if you have a lead that is not interested in purchasing a home for a year, it is important to create a task a year from now to follow up with that lead.


Leads with no saved searches indicates which leads are not getting email alerts regarding properties they are interested in. Saved searches help bring your leads back to your site and actively engage with agents.


Lead with status: New simply shows you who is still in the New status. You will want to update the status from New to another status once you have worked the lead. This article goes over Firepoint's status definitions.


Leads not viewed indicates a brand new lead that has not been looked at or contacted. It is extremely important to follow up with these leads and keep this box as close to zero as possible. 



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